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PRO-gressive Workshop

We know how competitive the arts have become, moreover opportunities may seem slim, but we want to make sure you progress in your career as an actor, singer, dancer, and/or creative!


With our PRO-gressive Workshops, we will equip you with the tools that are necessary to navigate this business, do what you love and get paid, and expand your team. Unlike other workshops, we focus on packaging the artist. After all, you are a business! 





  • Discover Your Type

  • Get personal feedback   

  • Building a team

  • Agent/Client relationships


  • Resume Formatting

  • Headshot Analysis

  • Self-Submit like a pro

  • Do's and Don't for a reel

Mar 31, 6:00 PM
The AHS Alumni Opening Night package offers a special experience, including toast off, reserved seating, photo and video opps with cast, and AHS swag, for alumni to reconnect and support the students.
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