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Unveiling the Star: Leah Jenea Takes the Stage in "The Color Purple"


Progressive Theater community,

We're thrilled to bring you a special edition of our blog, shining a spotlight on an extraordinary talent and Newark native, Leah Jenea. Not only will Leah grace the stage as Celie in our upcoming production of "The Color Purple" at Arts High School, but she will also bring her unique touch as a Producer behind the scenes.

Leah Jenea (Celie)

Leah's Remarkable Journey

Leah's story is one of determination, passion, and a deep connection to her roots. Her journey began at the age of nine when she attended a summer Performing Arts Academy at Newark Symphony Hall. Her unique voice captured the nation's attention in 2018 on Fox's "The Four: Battle for Stardom." However, her path to stardom started long before that moment.

Bridging the Musical Gap

Leah Jenea's artistry is a beautiful fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and gospel roots, aiming to bridge the gap between old soul music and new soul melodies. Winning first place at Apollo's "Child Star of Tomorrow" three times in 2016, Leah has become a name synonymous with musical versatility and substance.

On Tour with Marsha Ambrosius and More

Since her time on "The Four," Leah has toured with Marsha Ambrosius and shared the stage with artists like Musiq Soulchild, Bilal, and Vivian Green. Her performances are a testament to her versatility and the depth of her musical influences.

A Homecoming to Arts High School for Leah Jenea

Returning to Arts High School is a special homecoming for Leah. As an alum of the school, her journey has come full circle. We're honored to have her not only lead the cast but also contribute as a Producer in this extraordinary production.

Save the Dates: February 14th - 18th

Mark your calendars and don't miss this performance! "The Color Purple" opens on February 14th and closes on February 18th at Arts High School, 550 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Newark, NJ 07040. Tickets are available now for $18

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Don't miss this chance to witness Leah Jenea's incredible performance. Get your tickets now and be part of this unforgettable experience!

Best regards,

Progressive Theater

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