Progressive Theater A NJ Nonprofit Corporation is exempt under IRC Section 501(c)3 

The Change We Want to See

Mahatma Gandhi's famous words resonates in the core of Progressive Theater. Change is inevitable and can start with you. From Dr. Martin Luther King's, "I Have A Dream," to President Barak Obama's, "Yes We Can.," those that are considered minorities can have hope of a brighter future. Those that are misrepresented have a chance to be seen and heard the way they see fit. But the question remains how much longer. The answer is today!

In order to be the change we must DRIVE. No you don't need a valid license for this so anyone at any age can do this!

D - Dare

R- Resist negativity

I- Initiate Change

V- Value yourself

E- Encompass yourself with people who believe in you and your mission

So go 'head DRIVE to your destiny!