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Behind the Scenes of The Color Purple: A Candid Interview with K. Bernice

1. What's Your Name and Role in THE COLOR PURPLE?

  • Actor Name: K. Bernice

  • Role in THE COLOR PURPLE: Sofia

K. Bernice

2. Where Are You From?

  • Hometown: Jersey City, NJ

  • Background: I come from a very musical family. I started singing when I was 7 in church and then got bit by the theatre bug. 

3. How does it feel to be a part of THE COLOR PURPLE Musical?

  • Excitement: Truly a dream come true!! I’ve been wanting to be in this show and step in Sofia’s shoes for a very long time. I’ll be relishing every second. 

  • Challenges: Sofia is such an iconic character with some of the most iconic lines and moments. I want to do every version of her justice. 

4. Tell Us About Your Character in THE COLOR PURPLE.

  • Character Description: Sofia is like a freight train, you always knows she’s coming. Although she appears abrasive, she has the biggest and forgiving heart for the people she loves. She finds her softness through meeting Miss Celie. 

  • Connection: Sofia and I are very similar on so many levels. Once you get past the hard exterior there is so much love and warmth. 

5. What Makes THE COLOR PURPLE Special?

  • Impact: The Color Purple is ingrained in black culture. It’s lived in every entertainment medium we have across several generations. The story it tells is important because it’s  what people in our own families have been through. 

  • Message: Love everyone with your whole heart and Keep God first. 

6. Being an Actor:

  • Inspiration: I’m inspired by a lot of people but three people that stick out to me are my Grandmother, Bernice Small, Whitney Houston and Sammy Davis Jr. 

  • Memorable Moments: I think meeting the audience after a show really warms my heart. Knowing that we all lived that moment together and no experience is the same really thrills me. 

7. Behind the Scenes:

  • Favorite Scene: Easter Dinner for sure. 

8. Advice for Aspiring Actors:

  • Words of Wisdom: Always be true to who you are. Find your own voice, find your own sound. Also, you’ll make so much money by genuinely being a good person. Be kind and respect everyone. 

  • Learning Experience: It’s okay to fail and laugh about it. You learn your biggest lessons when you give into the “failure”. 

9. Fun Facts:

  • Hobbies: If I’m not on stage I’m more than likely with my kids eating chips. 

  • Hidden Talents: I can roll my eyes in a complete circle. If you see me, ask me to do it. 

10. Closing Words:

  • Message to Fans: Love each other and embrace every moment you have! TGBTGF. Enjoy the show! 

Don't miss K. Benice's performance in THE COLOR PURPLE

Opening February 14 and closing Feb 18th


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