Progressive Theater A NJ Nonprofit Corporation is exempt under IRC Section 501(c)3 

“Don’t Rain On My Parade”

As I sit at home on this rainy afternoon planning our 1st Annual Black & Blue Gala, which I hope you‘ll attend, I reflect on the journey taken to get this far. Yes, Progressive Theater does have a long ways to go, but we are taking it one day at a time. I digress.

Today I asked Siri, “What’s the definition of progressive?”

She replied with her monotoned voice, “As an adjective it means happening or developing gradually in stages; proceeding step by step.”

Then I replied, “what’s the definition of progress as a noun?”

She led me to a source! That sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? The source read “someone who supports social and political change to make a system fairer.”

That is the aim of Progressive Theater. We want to see a fair playing field for people of color in the arts. We want to see more shows that represent the misrepresented. We want to to give those who need the experience and tools that are necessary to navigate and sustain a career in the industry.

some recently told me that I should rethink the mission. Their reason was, “The race thing is an uphill battle...” It may be so, but Progressive Theater is fit! So come rain or shine we will take one step at a time towards being the change we want to see.